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Cialis – what makes it the best ED drug?

cialis-1Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is no laughing matter, that is for sure. Sure, people who put too much emphasis on sex and who complain too much if something is wrong with their function may seem like they are overreacting, but when you think of it, not being able to enjoy one of the most pleasurable things in the history of humanity definitely is something to complain about. Erectile dysfunction, in short, is a condition that causes men who suffer from it to have problems with achieving their erections and/or with maintaining them throughout the intercourse. There are a number of causes and a number of factors that can contribute to this condition, although there are also quite a few unknowns in the field of andrology and ED itself.
Erectile dysfunction used to be untreatable entirely. There were some natural remedies that have been employed by different cultures from all over the planet, but let's just say that these have never been too successful. At best, they produced placebo effects that were enough for men with ED caused by psychological issues to claim efficacy. And then, in 1998, this all changed when a company called Pfizer put out their medication, Viagra. This marked the first time that a pharmaceutical company came out with a treatment for erectile dysfunction, although quite a flawed one.

Namely, the main problem with Viagra (and we are not saying that it is not an important medication for the history of medicine and andrology) is that its effects last for only 4 hours. Once you take your Viagra pill, you have four hours during which you will be able to achieve erections. After those four hours have passed, things are back to their old state and you are not able to achieve erections. Now, this would not have been such an issue if you were able to take another Viagra pill right after the first one. Unfortunately, you cannot take more than one pill in one 24 hour period, which means that you had to plan ahead and be very careful about when you are going to take it and when you are going to have sex.

cialis-2Cialis is a completely different thing and this is what makes it the superior ED pill. Unlike Viagra, Cialis lasts for more than 24 hours, which means that you can take one in the morning and still feel its effects in the evening. More importantly, this means that with Cialis, you are never not experiencing the effects, that is if you are taking it regularly. And these days, this is a possibility with the new formulation called Cialis for Daily Use which is envisioned as a regular treatment for ED which makes sure there are no times at which you are not feeling its effects. Cialis thus makes the planning and scheduling of your sexual activities a thing of the past and turns your sex life into the sex life of a perfectly healthy man.

Most important info on Cialis

cialis-3In case you haven't heard of Cialis before, it's possible that you know it under the name Taladafil, which is this drug's official name. Besides Viagra, Cialis is one of the best selling erectile dysfunction meds in the United States, and it's popular all over the world under various other names. We've gathered some of the most relevant info on Cialis to help you understand the benefits and risks of taking this pill.
Cialis, like most erectile dysfunction meds, works as a PDE-5 inhibitor. This probably doesn't mean much to you unless you have a major in Chemistry, so we'll put it simple. Penis gets erected due to the expansion of the numerous blood vessels in the penile tissue, which means it needs to get extra blood pumped through it to maintain hard and expanded. Cialis helps get and maintain an erection by regulating blood pressure and helping blood flow through the penis, which is a problem in most patients with erectile dysfunction. This is why Cialis can't help you if your problem is of psychological nature. One of the most common misconceptions about Cialis is that you will get an uncontrollable erection after you take the pill. Taking Cialis won't get you a constantly erect penis for a couple of hours, but only enable the erection to happen. This means that you have to be sexually stimulated and aroused to get an erection. Men who have been taking Cialis reported no change in their libido, because Cialis doesn't effect the brain. Luckily, you will be able to control your erection and avoid any possibly embarrassing situation.
What you need to know prior to taking Cialis is that it needs some time to start working. Most men will experience the pill working in about 15 minutes, but sometimes it takes about half and hour for it to start working. This depends on various factors, for instance if you had a fatty meal prior to taking the pill, it will take longer for it to work. Try to contain yourself from eating a big meal if you're planning on taking the pill later. The effects of Cialis usually last up to four hours, but some users reported lingering effects that lasted for a day or two, which is why this drug is also known as the weekend drug.
cialis-4Taking Cialis isn't risk free, and like any other pill it requires caution. Since Cialis causes low blood pressure by forcing blood into the penis, it is extremely dangerous to mix it with other meds that have the same effect. Taking Cialis with alcohol is extremely dangerous because it can even lead to death. We're not saying that you can't have a glass of good wine, but binge drinking is out of question. It's best that you consult your doctor before taking Cialis, and they will tell you all about the risks and dangers. If you're taking any other meds as part of a regular treatment, the doctor will tell you if they pose a risk combined with Cialis.

What are the advantages of Cialis?

cialis-5As you well know there are a number of different drugs on the market that can prevent erectile dysfunction. Each of them have their certain positive and negative sides. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using one of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs called Cialis.

When I say popular, I mean popular both among people using it as well as doctors who prescribe it. In fact, in recent years it is even more prescribed than any other ED drug on the market, including the best known and first drug of this kind, Viagra. And there are several good reasons for this.

When Viagra came to the market, it was pretty easy to establish itself as the number one drug for preventing erectile dysfunction. There were no other drugs of this kind on the market! Viagra was the first and, therefore, the only ED drug that people could buy, which made it the best. This lasted for a few years, that is, until other ED medication have come out.

Cialis appeared about five years after Viagra. It is not like the manufacturers of Cialis couldn’t make a drug that will work like Viagra in a year or two after Viagra, but they needed to make sure that their drug will be better than its predecessor is in almost every aspect. Let’s just compare how the two were made.Viagra was originally intended as a drug for blood pressure, but the company that made it change its mind after it received numerous reports that people who were impotent at the time could now have a proper sexual life. Of course, it is not a simple matter to change your entire marketing campaign and tell people that what you told them can help with their blood pressure can actually treat ED, but as you well know, it worked. On the other side, Cialis was from the start intended as an ED drug and it took several years of first lab studies, than several thousands men who were willing to test this still unknown drug themselves until the company was finally happy with what they had and released it on the market to be sold.

cialis-6The biggest advantage of Cialis is certainly the fact that it lasts much longer than any other erectile dysfunction drug on the market. This drug will last at least 24 hours after you have consumed it, but a lot of users have testified that they were able to have sexual activity even 36 hours after they took a pill of Cialis. When you compare it to about 5 to 8 hours, which is the average span of most ED drug, you can guess why it has become so popular.

Another thing that makes Cialis maybe not popular with consumers as much with doctors is the fact that it causes a lot less side effects than most other drugs of this kind and those adverse effects are also much shorter and milder.

If there is a problem with Cialis it is that it is not as potent as other ED drugs which can give you a stronger erection than Cialis can.


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